A couple of instances of software in the future

To understand the future of modern technology, or any issue, many go to futurists for a calculated prediction or answer. A futurist is a somebody who researches and reviews the future, basing their predictions on some trends and other factors. Having a great comprehension of system thinking is essential to becoming a futurist, as it will help in mapping trends and predictions for the future. In many respects, a futurist can be contrasted to astrologist, as they make forecasts founded on trends and data they have. One popular feature of a futurist is looking into the tech industry, anticipating potentially new innovations and computer software.

The software development industry is ready to receive a couple of new changes as the years advances. One common pattern that has previously been executed is the use of artificial intelligence, utilizing a range of principles and formulas in order to create various solutions. In the future there are hopes that artificial intelligence will be implemented in most technology, permitting a more sophisticated and efficient community. In addition, a demand in cyber security will be crucial as more facts will be developed on the internet, leading to testing for in-app susceptability and performance. Cryptocurrency is set to grow in popularity by much of the population in the future, as this type of currency is seen to be far more secure and streamlined than others. Siraj Sarwar in a recent article has pointed out that cryptocurrency is set to improve, with regulators set on getting even more investors.

Presently, modern technology is evolving far more than we could have anticipated in the past, most of which we take for granted today. One piece of future technology that is set to revolutionize the way we connect, is the improvement of mobile phone technology. Nearly every year the capabilities of mobile phones slowly get better, particularly in terms of images. This will eventually contribute to smartphones becoming in a position to contend with leading home console devices while preserving its convenience. One person who will be happy on following mobile technology trends is Richard Li, as he has created contributions to the telecommunications industry.

Intelligent urban mobility solutions is one area in the future that is set to change quickly, as fossil-fuelled transport will carefully come to be outmoded. Over the next 10 to 20 years over 60% of the global population will live in cities, indicating an improvement in infrastructure and mobility will be essential. One method that will make this trend a lot more successful will be big data, internet of things and highly connected vehicles, as this will help to evaluate visitors management, pollution and co2 levels. Gabrielle Morse has characterized how smart cities are currently underway, with over 200 projects concerning big data and iot increasing currently.

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